With over 20 years of experience in the industry, WorldMatch is a pioneer online company that provides expertise and innovation. Our aim is to satisfy the tastes and preferences of any player and offer our operators remarkable business tools.

Based in Italy, WorldMatch guarantees premium gaming solutions to the most successful online casino operators.

Our flexibility to an ever-changing industry and our purpose to meet the regulatory requirements of each market are two of our distinctive features.

WorldMatch’s product portfolio includes more than 200 games, 160 slots with 70 game engines, 30 table games and all types of video poker for both desktop and mobile devices. We offer eye-catching stunning graphics and a variety of game engines capable of maximizing the potential of our deep knowledge of the players’ preferences.

The marketing strategy, which we have been pursuing for many years, has turned us into global suppliers, offering games exclusively approved by the regulatory authorities in our clients’ referenced countries. WorldMatch is internationally-renowned and is associated with concepts as innovation, state-of-the-heart technology, product quality and costumer focus.

WorldMatch accepts all currencies, real or virtual. We speak every language and are competitive in every market, therefore our products are already geared for international use.

WorldMatch is based on research and development.

The reliability of our services is guaranteed by the innovation of our gaming systems, all certified according to the highest industry standards.


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