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State population

4.9 million

Online/offline revenue split


Amounts wagered


Number of customers


Total number of betting/gambling premises

Alabama has three live dog tracks and one racecourse.

Stake tax take

Not reported

Is sports betting legal? 


Alabama currently prohibits sports betting and is unlikely to repeal its ban in the near future, although betting on-track on greyhounds and horseracing is permitted.

Regulator details

Alabama has not established a state gambling commission. Tribal casinos are regulated under federal law and on-track pari-mutuel wagering is regulated by state law.

Is sports betting permitted online?

Alabama prohibits online sports betting and is unlikely to change its stance any time soon.

Is there any specific legislation for daily fantasy sports?

No, and several attempts to legislate have failed to pass Alabama’s senate.

What legislation, if any, is currently pending?

None currently, although Alabama may once again attempt to past DFS regulation in 2019.