EGR Affiliates Report 2020

The EGR Affiliates 2020 report gives voice to a range of affiliates, providing an update on the trends, concerns and service offerings provided in 2020.

As we well know, 2020 has seen the novel coronavirus pandemic putting paid to sporting events around the globe. Within this report, the affiliates give thought to how they have adapted and offered support to their partners throughout this unprecedented time.

There is no crisis without opportunity, and the contributors also look at the positives this time has brought, with many having had to rethink their strategies and provide new offerings to those accustomed solely to betting on real sports. 2020 has therefore proven an interesting time, having allowed operators and their affiliates a chance to rethink their approach in terms of promotions and offerings.

Overall, we hope this report will provide an inspiring range of viewpoints from several players in the affiliate space.


  • Betsson Group
  • Paysafe's Income Access
  • Matching Visions