EGR Gibraltar 2017

Over the past 12 months, Gibraltar’s egaming industry has gone from strength to strength. And, despite the challenges presented by Brexit and regulatory tightening in 2017, opportunities are certainly there for the taking.

The result of last year’s UK referendum sent shockwaves throughout Europe, and Gibraltar is no different. However, the initial fears felt by those on the Rock are dissipating as Gibraltar tactically positions itself to capitalise on the Brexit fallout through the sheer resilience, versatility and responsiveness of its infrastructure.

Yet operators may experience harsher penalties, as well as the potential removal of the current bias towards regulatory settlement. But the commercial success of the online industry speaks for itself as annual statistics released by the UK Gambling Commission show a UK online gambling market with a growth rate of 25% in the year to March 2016, much of it powered by operators based in Gibraltar.

In this EGR Intel Gibraltar report we speak to a range of industry experts who offer an insight into navigating the challenges of 2017, as well as how to identify and grasp the opportunities.


  • Continent 8
  • Gibtelecom
  • Government of Gibraltar
  • Hassans
  • KPMG