EGR Malta 2019

Malta has firmly established itself as the jurisdiction of choice for online gaming companies in recent years. And with contributions from Malta-based firms, this special report provides an update on the current egaming landscape of the central Mediterranean country, featuring commentary from industry experts focusing on what is being done to nurture its continued growth.

Technology is transforming the egaming industry like no other, with great leaps being made in the use of skins betting and artificial intelligence. Malta stands out as an important location for those egaming firms keen to utilise technology in a manner which makes a variety of processes easier for them.

Such back-office-heavy processes which can be mitigated through the use of technology include the likes of harnessing AI to collect meaningful data, or to automate reporting functions, including the new dictates surrounding the 5th Anti-Money Laundering directive.

Elsewhere in this report, thought is given to the way in which egaming firms, including operators and vendors, can differentiate their service provision and stand out in an increasingly well-developed, crowded operator/vendor ecosystem.

Ross Law, report editor